We are hiring!

Think this sounds like the perfect job for you? 

Great! Let's cover a few things first. 

  1. Must REALLY love dogs!

  2. Must love dogs enough to enjoy cleaning up after them for hours at a time. This position is 50% cleaning, scooping, and scrubbing the facility followed by 25% feeding, wiping and attending to our doggy guests. (The last 25% is where playing with pups factors in.) 

  3. Must love dogs enough to care for them in extreme conditions. We have to tend to our duties and pups no matter the season or weather. Hot and humid summer days? Yep, we are cleaning, scooping and hanging outside. Below freezing outside? Snowing? Raining? Yep, the show must go on! Bundle up! 

  4. Must not be intimidated by dirt, pee, poop, slobber, or any other gross things dogs can muster up to spread on you. There is one guarantee with this job. You WILL leave with at least one gross thing on you after each shift. 

  5. Must be willing to work weekends and holidays. The pups need our care 365 days a year. In addition, weekends, holidays, and school breaks happen to be our BUSIEST times! We need all staff on board for those times! 

Positions available:

~Kennel attendant: provide daily care for the dogs including feeding, cleaning, exercising, and administering medications. Evenings and weekends required. 

~Cleaning technician: perform heavy cleaning duties, such as cleaning floors, sanitizing kennels, and scrubbing outdoor play areas. Weekends required.